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Our next meeting will be on the 28th January, 2017 from 1pm to 4pm.

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“When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.”
Mark Twain

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Welcome to the Tropical Writers Inc web site
For those who are members of Tropical Writers, our website is set up not only to assist you as a writer or reader, but to stimulate your interest. Using the site will keep you up to date with our activities and plans for the future, so please use it; send in your stories to ’Short'n'Sweet’ and read what other members are writing.

To anyone who wishes to join Tropical Writers, or just gain contacts and information, if you do not find what you need on the site, please contact us via the About Us page - we are here to assist.

Best of writing.

Submission of Articles to this site
The Short'n'Sweet section of this website has been created to display the short stories and poems of tropical writers. It can be accessed by clicking the "Short'n'Sweet" button at the top of this page. Articles can be searched by author or category. By default, they display in descending order of submission time - that is, the latest displays at the top. If you have an article or poem that you would like to submit for inclusion on the site, please forward it via email, as a Microsoft Word or PDF attachment, to the Tropical Writers WebMaster.

The author retains the copyright/ownership rights to the submission but grants to Tropical Writers Inc (TWI) the non-exclusive right of publication of the submission on its website.

Please note that this is a site that is open to public readership and, as such, can not preclude the reading of its content by children. Consequently, TWI can not guarantee the publication of any submission that does not, in the opinion of TWI, suit that environment. TWI will be the sole arbiter of the suitability of any submission for publication. Subject to these conditions, TWI welcomes all contributions by tropical writers.

Tiny Shorts Competition
Details of the competition...
A title for the next month's entries is announced at the group meeting each month.

Those members wishing to submit an entry should do so through an email to the Webmaster, who will forward same to the adjudicator. The story should not contain any means of identifying the author. The Webmaster will keep suitable records to match each story to its author, but the adjudicator will not have access to these records. This should ensure reasonable anonymity for each judging.

The adjudicator will decide on the best story for each specific month. That story will be read at the next group meeting and its writer will be awarded a prize of a $20 gift voucher, contributed by Kerstin Brown of Collins Booksellers at Smithfield. At that meeting, a photo will be taken of the author being given his/her prize. This photo will be printed on an A3 sheet, together with the text of the relevant winning story and the Tropical Writers and Collins logos, and placed in Collins Smithfield store window each month for a period at the store's discretion. The picture and story will also be displayed on this website. The author will have the right to refuse the photo, if he/she so chooses.

The first competition started in February 2016 and ran to July 2016.

During July, the adjudicator will decide on the best story from the 5 monthly winners. That story's author will win the grand prize, which is a copy of the 2016 Festival Keynote Speaker's book and a dinner for two at the Thala Beach Nature Reserve at Port Douglas, contributed by Oonagh Prettejohn. The grand winning story will be awarded and read at the Festival.

With regard to each entry...
It must be less than or equal to 500 words in length.
It can be a serious or humourous story, can be prose or poetry, but must be on topic for that month's title.
The adjudicator's decisions are final and any discussions on same will not be entered into.
The author should endeavour to submit his/her entry during the first two weeks of the month, in order to give the adjudicator sufficient time to fairly judge the entries. Each month's final deadline will be midnight of the Sunday night before the group's monthly meeting. Any entries arriving after then will not be accepted.

Entries will be accepted from financial Tropical Writers members only.

Professor Stephen Torre has agreed to judge the entries. The Tropical Writers Committee is grateful for his gracious offer. The Committee would also like to thank Kerstin Brown and Oonagh Prettejohn for their kind contributions to the competition.

Titles are as follows...
February - A gun is so useful, but a knife is personal. (now closed). Winner Jan Lahney
March - Stranded, alone and frightened. (now closed). Winner Ken Cotterill
April - The Legend of the Keeper. (now closed). Winner Moona Perrotin
May - Emma and the Bagman. (now closed). Winner Hazel Menehira
June - The elephant and the zookeeper - a love story (now closed). Winner Hazel Menehira
July - The Phoenix has risen (now closed). Winner Stewart Howard
Grand Prize - The Phoenix has risen (now closed). Winner Stewart Howard

September - From the jaws of defeat (now closed). Winner Jennifer Marsden
October - The creaking of a floorboard in the night (now closed). Winner Lenka Wagner
November - The price of love at Christmas (now closed). Winner Phillip Dowsett.
January 2017 - The New Year – Death of the old, Birth of the new.

See all stories for completed months.

Any questions in reference to the competition should be addressed to the Webmaster at

Latest News

Queensland Writers Centre

Tiny Shorts stories have now been added to their own page. Use the appropriate menu above to read the stories.

New stories by Ken Cotterill have been added to Short’n’Sweet.

The Cairns Tropical Writers Festival took place on 12th through 14th August and was a big success. Feedback from attendees was very positive on all counts. The Festival has been increasing in size each time, but has always maintained its primary mission of presenting high quality presenters and content.

Of special note was the appearance of Magda Szubanski, who discussed her new book, Reckoning, and answered questions from the audience in a genuine, open manner that was well received by all.

The Biggest Book Club, which will take place during our Writers' Festival this year, has commenced by opening the voting for the three books that will be discussed by the panel. These three will be chosen by your votes from a list of ten that are now being shown on the Festival 2016 website.

The closing date for new entry submissions for the Tropical Writers 2015/16 Anthology had been extended to the end of February 2016 and is now closed.

QWC is coming to Cairns on February 28 and May 8. Click here for more information.

Tropical Writers getting out there...
Dr Sasi Victoire in Johor. Note the book - nice one, Sasi.


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