The Cairns Tropical Writers Festival is an initiative of Tropical Writers Inc. Launched in 2008, the festival offers opportunities to isolated communities to participate in a writer’s festival they would otherwise be unable to attend, providing inspiration and nurturing their creative aspirations and goals. For national and international visitors, it is a cultural experience that allows them to touch the inspirational heart of the region in an environment of immense natural beauty.

17-19 August 2018 (mark calendars now).

On the 17th to 19th August 2018, Tropical Writers Inc will host the sixth biennial Cairns Tropical Writers Festival, celebrating a 10-year anniversary of the only literary event of this type in the Far North Queensland region. The festival draws a large public audience over the festival period. The festival is widely promoted through national network, print and social media, radio and advertising, online blogs, website links and word of mouth. Over the next few years, the aim is to attract new audience, visitors from interstate and an increasing number of international visitors.





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