Next Meeting

Our monthly meetings are back!

If you are unwell on the day, we ask that you stay at home. Thank you.

Philip and Jeanette’s Book launch!  HERE

Please come and support our club writers!

Our next meeting is:

Date: 29 May 2021
Time: 1:30pm 
Endeavour Foundation

Entrance via Warner Street (if the back gate is closed, please enter through the main gate on Hoare Street and walk through towards the back of the building)Phil 

TWI Members Writings

2nd: TomTom

Jana savoured the water tumbling over her body as she lathered toilet soap over her skin and her shampoo did its duty. Earlier she had

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3rd: The Face in the Window

The Face in the Window __________________________________________________________________________________ As I started up the trail from the car park, I felt the weight of the past few days

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