Promoting the craft of writing in <b>Far North Queensland</b>

Promoting the craft of writing in Far North Queensland

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In 2004, an informal group of writers came together to share an interest in writing. Today, Tropical Writers Inc is a vibrant, not-for-profit writing group that welcomes members who write in all different genres.

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Our goal is to share our passion for writing and nurture the creative muse in each of us. Become a member and network with other writers, share your work, grow, learn and pass on your own experiences.

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Join us on a literary journey and stay up to date with all the latest news, events, book launches and more. If it’s anything to do with tropical writing, happening here or further afield, live or online.

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Member Competitions

It’s time to dust off your quills again! (Actually, we don’t think you should let them get dusty in the first place!) We are back with our Member Writing Competitions.

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June 2024, 1st: Mittens

Jonathan Cornelius

It was a Thursday last June when Mittens walked into the back bar of the Cavalier. ‘Got an idea for a caper,’ he said, sitting

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June 2024, 2nd: Trade Wins

Fiona Landau

The Dutch are rumoured to be pretty cool cats on the whole. But I bet you they are still stewing over the detail of a

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June 2024, 3rd: Selective Listening

Robyn Kienzle

Jess leaned against the doorjamb looking at her husband of more than thirty years performing his Sunday morning ritual. A large mug of tea sat

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May 2024, 1st: Hanging About

Ken Cotterill

Us plastic clothes pegs all lived in an outdoor hanging basket. We lived in harmony and we had our pride. We knew that, yes, we

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