Big Little Lies

He said: Truth is beautiful. To which she replied: But the truth is relative. Your truth may not correspond to mine. – Lies can be

Confronting Conflict

Confrontation can be a powerful stimulant. As Fiona readied the couples home to brace itself against the rages of a cyclone, George sat passively in

*Big Little Lies

Cairns Leagues Club parking lot. Three A.M. He stood face pressed against the side of the van, hands cuffed behind his back.  The female cop

Big Little Lies or Divinity Vindicated?

“Hope springs eternal in the human breast,” penned English poet Alexander Pope in the 18th Century. In approximately 1733 Pope included in his articles, Essay

Sandwich Américain

The main temple bell at the entrance to the inner sanctum rang in a disorganised syncopated fashion, from the hands of worshippers that reached out

Man or Mouse?

‘What are you a man or a mouse?’ ‘Squeeeeaaak!’ ‘Not funny. We need more money!’ ‘We need to live within our means.’ ‘What’s that smart-arse

Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men Pieter loved his job as a park ranger and tour guide in Kruger National Park. At the age of 37 he

The Technology “of Mice and Man”

In a small country town in Far North Queensland, Parents with worried looks visit yet another Doctor with their sick child. Johnny who is twelve

Walk to Work.

It was not so much the basking sun he felt, as he stood there with his Stop/Go sign. It was the impatient glare of drivers,

Of (Field) Mice and a Man

There was havoc in the paddock, the plough turning the earth, upending safe havens for myriad creatures, hovering, quarrelling birds looting the spoils. The boy

Of Mice and Men‘Revolving Door’

Revolving Door Waking from a short night Lennie and Candor emerged from their nest of sawdust and wood shavings. Rubbing her bulging eyes with her

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