Collateral Damage

But officer, I live here. No, I’m not Australian. I was walking because I don’t go to the gym. It’s stupid, going to the gym.

Yoga for Seniors

Well, Yoga was like jam: yesterday & tomorrow but not today. What a run around I created for myself. At my previous yoga class, the

Mirror mirror on the wall

Was this the big story, the one that could propel me up the pecking order of The Post? Every journo needs the big one. Female

The Early Years

Another day is almost done. The angry sun sinks low, As weary men head for the huts Parading in a row. A shower, shave and

The Sitter

Breathing in. Breathing out. Just letting go. Kurt’s life was simple up here on the hill. He lived in a simple bivouac. A raised floor

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