Jennifer Marsden


February 25, 2019

We prayed for rain Gentle soaking rain to end the drought Rivulets to trickle gently along cattle pads filling boggy hoofmarks at the dam’s edge diluting then the stagnant boggy sludge We prayed for rain […]

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Pull The Plug on Pokies

October 29, 2018

PULL THE PLUG ON POKIES In July 2017 Queenslanders set a new record. In that one month more than $215 million was lost by Queenslanders playing the pokies. That loss was an average of $289,748 […]

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The Eclipse (A Remarkable Event)

August 26, 2018

ECLIPSE Blood moon Red Moon Portents and Omens Wolf moon – close your eyes and hear them howl Primal and mystical The fourth tetrad of eight eclipses Umbra penumbra and antumbra Creeping shadows cast from […]

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*Too Close to Home Saga Land

February 26, 2018

Too Close to Home ‘It was a real saga’ mum said. ‘Everyone had an opinion but only the few people involved really knew what happened that night’. The rain had settled to a steady drumming […]

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* A IS FOR ADULTERY (A Study in Scarlet)

November 20, 2017

A IS FOR ADULTERY I was really caught up in the story. Usually I just skimmed over the school English text but this old story had me really pondering the rights and wrongs of it […]

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