Celia Berrell

The Science Rhymes Book – second edition

Seventy fun-sized portions of biology, chemistry, physics and earth sciences relevant to the primary
science curriculum are accurately served in short bursts of verse. These engaging analogies and
entertaining rhymes provide an easy way to absorb some scintillating science by thoughtfully
connecting with our curiosity.
Hibiscus in a Hurry is rudely impatient. Don’t Eat Concrete has us falling over ourselves. Do Dolphins
Kiss? is rather a nosey question. However, you’re always welcome on a Chocolate Box Planet.
“We have been delighted to use Celia’s structured rhymes as a science resource for pre-service
teachers since 2010. They provide an intuitive approach to key concepts within the primary science
curriculum” Associate Professor Hilary Whitehouse, James Cook University.
Double Helix magazine has been publishing Celia’s work for many years now.

Her poems are a different way for young children to enjoy science stories. They bring science to life with imaginative
language and a sense of play.” Jasmine Fellows, Editor, Double Helix magazine, CSIRO Publishing.
Available through Jabiru Publishing, Harley’s Educational and Collins Booksellers, Smithfield
Science Rhymes Website: www.sciencerhymes.com.au

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