Dora and the Exploring Pig Sheep

“Well, what do you think, Sami?”

“I love them!” Sami got down onto her hands and knees. She put her head between the twin black and white lambs and put an arm over each neck. “God painted them lovely.”

Two little black faces stared at Sami. One bit her yellow hair to see if it was good to eat. “Silly sheep” said Sami.

Daddy laughed at the line of three. Number one had a white tail. Number two wore  Peppa Pig shorts. Number three had a little white tail.

“I am calling them Peppa and Pig.”

“You can’t call it, Pig,” said Sami’s sister Zoe. “It’s a Black-face Dorper sheep from Africa. It’s more like a goat than a pig. The stupid Merino sheep die in the drought, so that’s why we are getting these.

“What about Dora the Explorer? You like those stories. Pick some names from there.”

“No!” A Sami tongue stuck out.

A big farmer in a big hat shut out the sun from the little girl.

“Dorpers are desert sheep. Their wool just falls off them. These animals are clever and will stick their black noses into everything. Climb through fences, over fences, open gates and search everywhere. ‘Dora’and ‘Explorer’ would be great names.”

“But their names are ‘Peppa’ and ‘Pig’,” said Miss Cross, getting up, hands on hips, and looking at the farmer who was too big to get into Daddy’s shed through the door.  “Are you a giant?”

Well Little Lady I am over two metres. After Daddy pays me, the lambs are yours. Call your new pets any names you like.” Daddy and the farmer giant talked about fences, wild dogs and money.

“So where are my clever lambs and my clever girl?”

Zoe pointed. Sami was coming back with an upside down lamb in her arms.

“Here Daddy, take Pig. He got onto a hay bale and then up into a truck.”

“It’s a girl sheep, Silly”

“Zoe, be nice. Go and help her.”

A second upside down sheep, more smelly than the first, was given to Daddy.  Sami the shepherd said, “Dora was looking under that big truck the cows ride in to the yards. He’s a bit smelly now, this bad lamb.”

“She. SHE!” said Zoe. “The black and white lambs are GIRLS!”

“Yes. But Mr. Giant, where are the green sheep?”


“Sami Stop!” said Daddy. “Jack has not read your book. He does not know about green sheep. Black and white sheep are the best for us today.” Daddy put the lambs in the back of his truck and his girls in the front of his truck.

“Let’s go home.

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