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    Hazel Menehira

    Passing on thoughts and comments about our current reading and viewing doesn’t involve writing full lengthy professional reviews but sharing the material that others may be encouraged to enjoy or study. A Maximum length could be set to keep members engaged.As a forum topic it also saves full meeting time. To ensure the forum is another exciting topic new releases or sales spin should be avoided. As an example of sharing –
    during the nonfiction group at the last meeting I read a short piece I had written about The Collini Case by Ferdinand Van Shirach (2012)a book that has changed the history of law in the German Justice System. It has since been requested by others at the library. What do members who use the forum think about this topic?

    Pete Barker

    In the “small world” category, I am currently reading Tom Wolfe’s hippy classic “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test” about Ken Kesey (Author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest) and a bunch of acid-head hippies known as The Merry Pranksters who raised hell in the form of mass LSD party “happenings” all over the USA in the 1960s, traveling in a psychedelically painted former school bus. They pretty much started the whole hippy thing in California, so it’s a great read. And Tom Wolfe of course is a great writer.

    THEN, at last TW meeting I bought a copy of Bill Wilkie’s book “The Daintree Blockade” and noticed some of the “hippies” at the blockade traveled in a similar painted up old school bus, 20 years after the Merry Prankster era. Like wow, man. Synchronicity and all that. Some kind of cosmic connection?

    Well it turns out there kind of is. One real-life character in Wolfe’s book is a guy named Owsley. He pretty much invented and perfected the mass production of LSD in California in the early ’60s — before it was made illegal — and was key to the whole Merry Prankster trip, psychedelic bus included. Fast forward to 2011 and a story in the Courier Mail reports that same Owsley Stanley was killed in a car crash near Koah on the Atherton Tableland where he had been living anonymously as a reclusive sculptor for many many years. I remembered the report from 2011 but only just twigged to who exactly he was since reading Tom Wolfe’s book.

    Just have to wonder if he and the hippies in the psychedelic bus at the Daintree Blockade ever were in contact? Probably not. Just one of those amazing cosmic coincidences, maaan.

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