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    David Hodges

    Please add your comments on ways you think the monthly meetings can be improved.

    Pete Barker

    Was just wondering, now we are not reading out the runner-up 800-word stories at the meetings, but we hear enough about them from Steven to pique our interest, could the runner-up stories and/or any the judge(s) feel worth an “honorable mention” etc be posted on the website here along with the winner? Some of us are actually interested to read what other regional writers are currently working on. Just a thought.

    Des O’Neill

    I wonder if I am alone on this matter. Monthly meetings seem to have changed to just sit and listen to everyones advice without any actual writing games or quick story writing ventures to be had.
    I am not in the same field of academic education and sometimes feel out of place with such competitions as 800 words, but enjoy writing for the sake of writing.
    Writing is an enjoyable activity and for some a favourite hobby. Even some new members that I know, want to write but are tentative or shy to do so.
    Even if its only once a month writing, it’s a start.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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