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    Courtney Hansen

    Good Morning All,

    I am seeking some advice about the rules and regulations regarding writing competitions. I wish to submit my unpublished manuscript into 2 writing comps this month, the issue being that according to the rules of both competitions, your work cannot be submitted into any other competition. Now, I assume that it is because the major prize in both cases is a publishing contract and the respective houses do not want to have to tussle should someone be successful in multiple comps. I however, have no grand delusions of winning either comp, rather, I am entering my manuscript to put it out into the world to see what comes back.

    My question for you all is, has anyone else entered their works in multiple competitions at one time when the rules stipulate otherwise?


    Sally McDonald

    Hi Courtney,
    My advice would be to follow the rules of each competition exactly. I understand that your aim is to give your manuscripts as much exposure as possible, but you don’t want to risk obtaining an adverse reputation. Once the response deadline for one competition is reached, you can send to another (or better yet, reap the rewards of winning!) Good luck.

    Courtney Hansen

    Hi Sally,

    Thanks so much for the advice. I thought that might be what people would say, the comps have the same due date and draw date, I guess I will just take a punt on one of them. I am very very new to the whole idea of writing let alone entering competitions, I am sure there will be plenty of opportunity! Thankyou again for your response.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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