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Hazel Menehira is a Fellow, of Trinity College, London. She also holds both an Associate and Licentiate Diploma. She is an internationally recognised writer and teacher, as well as a retired New Zealand Speech Board examiner and a qualified ANZDA adjudicator.

Hazel’s background of 50 years in New Zealand includes 40 years in journalism, (senior reporter, reviewer, feature writer and arts editor) as well as professional theatre involvement as actor or director for 150 performances. She founded and directed Wanganui Rainbow Theatre for Youth for 10 years with students appearing at the Shaw Theatre, London, in Peace Child International. During this time Hazel introduced and taught the public speaking examination programme at Wanganui Collegiate School attended by Prince Edward.

A Cairns permanent resident since 2003, Hazel is a retired mentor and tutor for writers and performers. Now a retired member of New Zealand Society of Authors, Queensland Writers Centre, Arts Nexus and Book Creators Network. For four years she became a noted reviewer of international books for the Media/Culture webpage of the University of Queensland. She has published 17 books across all genre. These include oral resource Fingertips textbooks ; a novel The Seer Stone; collections of short stories and poetry Below a Time and Beyond a Time; two commissioned creative nonfiction N.Z. histories and her Nothing as Posh as a Memoir launched in 2013.

Nominated for the N.Z. Prime Minister’s Literary Award. Into her 86th year, Hazel continues to write daily and continues to enjoy her involvement with Tropical Writers which began before the first Cairns TW anthology and writer’s festival..

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