Irene McGregor

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Irene McInerney-McGregor was born and raised in Kilmaley, Clare in the west of Ireland.

Irene is much travelled and has lived in Papua New Guinea for a number of years before settling in the Tropics, Cairns, Australia, in 1991, where the rainforest meets the sea. She is well known in Cairns socially and a member of many organisations and societies, pursuing her passions of writing, food, friends and woman’s rights. A long time active member of Zonta International, a human rights organisation empowering women and young girls.

Recognised for her cooking skills, and dinner parties, she even had a minor dalliance with MasterChef back in its earlier years.

Now a retired business woman, writing ‘Down by the Sandy Gardens’ named after ‘Gortagannive’, the farm where she grew up has been a lifelong ambition. A bulging bag of long-buried traumas, sins of the flesh and not always hers, but she paid the price anyway.

This is the first part of what she hopes will be a three-volume memoir. Book two is already underway. She is also writing a historical novel on the life and times of Australian women during the 1940’s Making Ends Meet – One Way or Another.