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2021 TWI Writing Competition

We are back!

With 2020 now behind, we are kicking off the new year with our 2021 Writing Competition. It may be an opportunity to achieve your your short term writing goals, or you may want to brush up on your writing skills, or share the stories milling in your head with others. The monthly winning story will be awarded a prize, and an offer to feature the story in our next anthology. 

Our competition judges will select the monthly theme/prompt and genre for submission, so you can expect to challenge yourself in styles/genres that you normally wouldn’t write or attempt.

Good luck!

This competition is open to TWI financial members only.

The March prompt is:


Caveat: While ‘purple prose’ is much admired there is no guaranteee that it will be rewarded.

Submission guidelines

Open: short story, fiction, non-fiction

Do not use the prompt as the title.

Length and Formatting Guidelines

• Word limit: 0-800 words (no entry over 800 words will be considered)
• Include the title, genre (if applicable) and word count on the first page
Do not include your name anywhere on the manuscript
Format: Times New Roman, 12 point, left aligned, double line spacing, indent each first line, page number bottom right, one space after full stop, ‘single quotations’ for dialogue, no underline, no extra line between paragraphs. Please submit your entry in a Word format.

To help you format a writing template (in Word), you can download a useful guide below.

Formatting your document for competition

Up to two entries can be submitted (there is no fee). Please note that by submitting entries you agree to have the work published on the TWI website. The author of the work retains their full copyright at all times.

How to submit
Send your submission and  your name including your phone number and email address (within the body of the email) to:

Deadline for submissions: Wednesday 17 March
The winner and runners up will be announced at our March member meeting. 



FEBRUARY: One False Step
2nd and 3rd places