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Tropical Writers Monthly Competition



The theme for November is : CURIOSITY


1.      Fiction –short story in any genre.

2.      Short animal story for the  young. (under 7 years)

3.      3. Poem –Lyric or  narrative. (Formed or Free verse)

Submission Guidelines.

Open to Financial Members Only

One entry in each category can be submitted.

By submitting entries you agree to have the work published on the TWI website

No name must be attached. Category entered must be included.

No entry over 750 words in any category will be considered.

Optional titles are excluded from word count which should be stated.

Format of 12 -14 pt font advised.

Final Date for entries.

Submissions to be emailed toT.W. secretary 10 days before next meeting ( 15th Nov.)


‘Open to Financial Members Only’


Older 800 Word Competitions:

The themes ware:

♦ May – ‘Bring up the Bodies’ to be submitted by 20th June

♦ April – ‘A long way from home’

♦ March – ‘White Fang‘   and the microfiction piece – less than 200 words, subject INSOMNIA to bring to next meeting

♦ February – ‘Saturday’

January – ‘SAGA LAND’

♦  November – ‘A Study in Scarlet’

♦  October – ‘Big Little Lies’

♦  September – ‘Of Mice and Men’

By submitting your story you agree to being published on the Tropical Writers Inc. website.




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