TWI Sponsors

Tropical Writers Inc would like to acknowledge and thank the following businesses, organisations and private and public institutions for their ongoing support.

  • Cairns Books: for sponsoring our Monthly Member Writing Competition.
  • Endeavour Foundation: for sharing their facilities with us and providing a roof over our head for our monthly member meetings.
  • Cairns Libraries: for our long-term partnership and association, including the complimentary use of their meeting rooms.

TOASTMASTERS: Cairns Speakers

Good writing skills, perseverance, eagerness to learn and discipline are the writer’s essential tools. But at some point, the writer has to speak. In public, in front of a group of people, a crowd. This skill is very different from the writer’s solitary job and may be daunting for many.

If you wish to brush up on your public speaking skills, why not join our local Toastmasters group. To learn more, visit Cains Speakers. We say ‘Cheers!’.

Local Businesses and Help for Writers

Typing Services

If you need help with typing your manuscript, contact Jacqueline (Jac) Waters on, or 0437 959 666.  Jac is based in Cairns. For further information or to discuss your needs, get in touch with Jac directly.

Book Publishing

You have a completed manuscript, which has been proof-read and edited (or maybe not). Now what?

Bowerbird Publishing may be the answer. Based in Jullaten, FNQ, Crystal Leonardi, an author, publisher, editor, speaker and founder of Bowerbird Publishing, can help with manuscript appraisals, editing, and assist with your publishing journey. Look her up today at

Website Design and Development

Mark Reisinger is a Cairns based web designer, running his own company, Web Zulu. Mark will work with you to design a website suitable to your needs, and can also assist in obtaining a new domain. He specifically assists writers and authors and has a number of Cairns authors on his client list. For a free quote or further information, contact Mark at or look him up on

(Please note these are not recommendations to engage these services. You should make your own enquiries whether these services and their providers are appropriate for you.)

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