3rd Superpowers

‘You see that group of old folks over there?’ She says.

‘You mean those guys at the big table with the walkers stacked up next to them?’ he asks.

‘Yup. They look innocent, right?’

‘Sure do.’

‘You know, they each have a superpower…’

‘Hmm… Hard to believe. They don’t look like it.’

‘I know. But that’s exactly what makes them so special. I met a few of them a while ago and heard rumours about the others. They are a rather talent bunch…’

He doesn’t look convinced, but without any other distraction at hand, he gives an encouraging nod. ‘Go on then’ and takes a big bite from an oversized choc chip muffin.

‘The guy with the blue shirt, for example.’ She discreetly points at a hunched over man with white hair and a silvery beard at the end of the table. ‘He fights all sorts of terrorists and villains. He looks frail, but he sure is tough and he is in high demand. Talk about not judging a book by its cover…’

‘No way, come on!’ He eyes the group with curiosity.

‘I am not joking. He is slick and renowned for his ability to crack the toughest cases. Eventually he brings each of his opponents to their knees. No with force, but rather with his sharp intellect.’

‘Whoa, who knew. What about the lady with the rimmed glasses next to him then? What is there to spill about her?’

‘Oooh, her… Good choice, buddy. She’s a real treat.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘She’s a bit naughty.’ She laughs and takes a sip from her cappuccino. ‘I’m not sure if you are able to handle it!’

‘Come on, how bad could it be?’

‘All right, if you insist. Frankly, she is a bit of a sex kitten.’ He chokes on another bite from his muffin.

‘Naaaah. You’re having me on.’ He splutters between coughs.

‘So, how about this? She always has two men on the go, occasionally three. All of them are all young, handsome and successful. All are in their prime and eat out of the palm of her hand.’

‘You are telling me she’s a cougar. Does she fork out a fortune for gigolos? How’s that supposed to be a superpower?’

‘I guess you could say she’s got a bit of a cougar in her, although I am sure she wouldn’t pass on a golden oldie, if he came in the right calibre. She just knows men. And I mean she really knows them. She is a seductress but keeps them all at an arm’s length until they simply can’t resist her. To be honest, I don’t know the ins and outs to her secrets and games. I would love to know, but one thing’s a given. She’s at the top of her game and there is not a single guy around that is too complex for her to tame.’

‘Go figure.’ He ogles the bespectacled lady with great interest. ‘Maybe she could teach me a thing or too?’ She sniggers.

‘The guy next to her, you know the one with the dark hair?’ She says.

‘Yes, tell me about him.’

‘Now, he is a cultural ambassador.’

‘What does that even mean?’

‘He has spent years of his time immersed in China, its culture and customs, and gets deeply involved in the lives of the common people.’

‘Okay. I liked the lady more. He sounds a bit dull.’

‘No, you don’t get it. People like him are like conduits to another society. He bridges a gap between two worlds. Without people like him we would have much less information and more ignorance. Our government might do well listening to people like him for a little insight, to be honest.’

‘Ugh… Let’s not go there.’ He says and gobbles up the last of his muffin.

‘Well, I saved the best for last’ she says smugly.

‘And? Let’s have it.’

‘The last two at the table are the cream of the crop. They time travel.’

‘Get out of here! Impossible.’

‘For real. He worked his way into the future while she spends most of her time in medieval times.’

‘That I can’t believe. You are just making up stories now.’

‘As a matter of fact, I am not. I am totally serious. I can’t tell you how they get to their destinations but once they are where they need to be, magic happens.’ She says, a dreamy look on her face.

‘You’re off with the fairies.’

‘I guess I sound a little mad. But one thing you must know. I have not lied. I may have embellished a little here or there, but who cares? The people in this group really do have superpowers. In fact, they are our talented Tropical Writers out on a coffee break.’

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