Collateral Damage

But officer, I live here.

No, I’m not Australian.

I was walking because I don’t go to the gym.

It’s stupid, going to the gym.

I didn’t mean to be rude. Sorry.

My work clothes.

I need them for work. When I get to my office. I have a shower. Ready for work. Yes.

Of course it’s heavy. I do weight bearing exercise, helps my bones, my doctor said to do it.

Dumbbells. Two pounds each . Yes, I meant one kilo. They won’t explode. Solid cast iron. No, they’re not IEDs. No, it’s not because I can’t say the word bombs. I don’t feel guilty.

American, yes.

In New Zealand to escape the violence in my hometown. Detroit, Michigan.

Linwood because housing is cheap. Yes, very safe and quiet.

Thank you. Yes, I’d like to go now.

You have a nice day too.

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