Feb 2024, 3rd: Blood, Sweat and Ecstasy

Did she wink at me? I’m not sure. Should I wink back? Then Max the promoter

intervened. He leaned over and told us to throw insults, even f-bombs. So we did. We

snarled and yelled at each other. We jammed our fists in each other’s face. Our trainers

pretended to hold us apart. Max smiled as the press jocks lapped it up.


The occasion? Amanda Armbuster and Jodi Jugular were going head to head for the

World Lightweight Trans Pacific World Title in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). I’m Jodi

and this is the story behind one of the most controversial MMA fights in human history.


Boredom started it. Being a bank clerk was totally mind numbing. This changed when I

encountered an older woman at the gym. We got talking and she seemed to have

everything; car, house, summer home, yacht. All the stuff I wanted. She said it was all

down to MMA which at the time I had never heard of. Get into it, she said, there’s big

money in it for girls like you. So I did.


My life now had some purpose and direction. No more being lost in a fog of

bewilderment. My destiny was before me. Boy, did I train. I was pumping sweat five

nights a week. I virtually lived in the gym. When not in the gym I was pounding the

pavement running. I also hired an MMA coach to teach me the moves. I pummelled the

big bag into oblivion. I yanked up weights. I did push-ups and sit-ups until I could do no

more. Eight months later I was twelve fights in and unbeaten with ten knockouts. I was

a beautifully shaped fighting machine. Believe me; it doesn’t get any better than this.


Then along came Max. Max is the sort of guy you dream of but only in a nightmare.

He’s the big fat guy who knows all the clichés and how to talk underwater. He gives you

a vision. His talk is so smooth he could convince you that a crocodile’s skin was made of

silk. Then it’s down to business. It’s all about the big fight, the one that the whole world

wants to see, the one that will make all the sweat and training worthwhile; the big

money title fight with the formidable Amanda Armbuster.


Max was good at the promotion stuff. He wanted us on all social media platforms. Not

only did we have to sound angry and violent to each other he also wanted us to look

trim, taught and terrific. I could live with that.  And all this publicity crap paid off. On

fight night the stadium was full; 12,000 jammed into the arena with millions on pay-per-

view tuned in for the fight. No matter what happened I was going to be rich. This was

bigger than a Rocky movie, this was real.


The preliminaries were over and it was our turn. As the challenger I entered the cage

first with my team. My trainers crowded around shooting advice. Then Amanda

entered with her entourage. She was wearing pink that suited her ponytailed blonde

hair. I was in black which matched my brunette ponytail. Hell, we looked hot!

In a flash the trainers were gone. It was just Amanda and I and a beefy guy as the

referee. I could see Max on the front row chomping on a cigar. He looked happy.


The buzzer went and we were suddenly in combat. Amanda struck first catching me

with a deft kick to the back of my thigh. It stung. I moved back then sprang forward

and hit her with a punch high on the face. A good shot!  Blood sprang from her nose.

Then it all went black as we whaled away at each other. And then it happened. We

clinched and both of us crashed to the floor. I was on top while Amanda had her legs

around my waist. I could have punched her beautiful face to a pulp and she could have

squeezed the life out of me. But we didn’t.  I don’t know what happened, maybe we’ll

never know what and why it happened, but I leaned over and kissed her on the mouth,

and without hesitation she kissed me back.


Passion took over, waves of it. I pulled off my top and she did likewise. We were on fire.

We kissed and fumbled and tumbled, our sweaty bodies grinding together becoming

one. The crowd went crazy. Our trainers, now in the cage, went crazy. Max went crazy.

This had never happened before. But nobody could pull us apart. On live pay-per-view

in front of 12,000 screaming maniacs we did it. Amanda and I made love.

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