The arrival when time is still,

A setting sun as evening swill.

Shadows cast from early day,

Stranded there on baking clay.

Silence gurgle of sewer drain,

Pan flute breeze sweeps a plain.


Escape clang and bang of man’s sound,

The boom and doom of hostile pound.

Clash and bash the city street,

Haste and waste the markets meet.

Glut and strut of corporate greed,

Rorts and courts increase their feed.


Arrive with me to this seclusion,

Swim the stream of illusion.

Behind you lock society gate,

Select a dream and drift with fate.

See through the silhouette tree,

Golden gleam on a settled sea.

The dipping Sun’s last colour blast,

Captured time for ever last.

This setting Sun is evening swill,

Arrived to stay in Timestill.

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