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The great exploration into self-publishing a Tropical Writers anthology began with the 2006 publication of Between the Leaves. It was a group collaboration in its purest form, a journey of learning from the authors’ perspective as well as mastering the mechanics of producing a publication. In subsequent years, TWI has published further seven anthologies. On the heels of the eight anthology titled Green Ant Dreaming, published in late 2020, comes our latest book On Butterfly Wings, a sparkling kaleidoscope of colourful characters, variety of settings and culinary flavours.

The TWI anthologies, which include short stories (fiction, non-fiction, essays) and poetry, showcase the writing talent in the group. Established authors feature alongside new and emerging writers. Works of the imaginative mind are interspersed by true stories and personal experiences, each anthology a unique and eclectic collection to delight and entertain.

TWI anthologies offer opportunities for TWI members to share their writing with other members and wider audiences, allowing new and emerging writers to publish their work and provide inspiration and nurturing their creative aspirations and goals.

TWI aims to publish an anthology every two years.

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