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The Cairns Tropical Writers Festival started as an initiative of Tropical Writers Inc. Launched in 2008, the festival offers isolated communities the opportunity to participate in a writer’s festival they would otherwise be unable to attend, providing inspiration and nurturing their creative aspirations and goals. For national and international visitors, it is a cultural experience that allows them to touch the inspirational heart of the region in an environment of immense natural beauty.

Now governed by its own independent body, the 2023 Cairns Tropical Writers Festival delivered another vibrant and stimulating event, bringing together regional, state and national writers, readers and thinkers, showcasing the distinct voice of our region across writing genres and engaging a wide audience of all age, cultural, nationality and socio-economic groups.

The festival draws a large public audience over the festival period. In addition to its flagship event in August every second year, the festival offers year-round events including workshops, author talks and seminars. The festival is widely promoted through national network, print and social media, radio and advertising, online blogs, website links and word of mouth. Over the next few years, the aim is to attract new audience, visitors from interstate and an increasing number of international visitors.

Cairns Tropical Writer Festival 2024

The next festival is shaping up to take place on 8-10 March 2024 at the Crystallbrook Flynn, Cairns. It promises to be another great event, full of engaging speakers and useful information. To remain up to date with the festival’s activities, its program and presenters, please visit the festival’s website at and stay in touch through the festival’s social media. If you’d like to volunteer, please contact the festival’s organisers through the festival’s website.


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Cairns Tropical Writers Festival

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