Critique Etiquette

Writer Responsibilities:

  • Ask for feedback on the specific area of writing you want help with.
  • Be able to articulate what you are attempting to do and ask your readers if it works.
  • If possible, supply the readers with copies of the writing beforehand so that they can give considered feedback.
  • Respond to critique with respect.

Reader Responsibilities:

  • Only give feedback related to the specific questions asked for by the writer.
  • Find out what the writer is trying to accomplish and direct feedback to that.
  • Take time and care to consider thoughtful feedback.
  • Give critique with respect. List what you like first, then list what you believe could be improved.

Giving effective feedback isn’t easy. After all, most of us are not professional editors or experienced authors. For feedback suggestions and ideas, please feel free to use the following resource.

Giving constructive feedback

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