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A gift...

At our November meeting, renowned artist and author  Jenuarrie generously gave her time to discuss her book ‘Gift of Knowledge’ along with her artwork and career. Her book is a beautifully crafted production,  made locally to the highest of standards.

Thank you for your gift of time and knowledge, Jenuarrie!

TWI -Our Public Anthology Launch

Thanks to everyone who attended, supported and helped in out Public Anthology Book launch.

It was a most enjoyable time.

A special thanks to our Patron, Stephen Torre BA PhD Qld for his encouraging words and comments. We cannot forget our readers who did such a splendid job in bringing their stories to life, Sally, Heather, and Carol who spend many a long hour compiling those stories into book format ready for publishing.

Celia's new book

Celia Berrell

The Science Rhymes Book – second edition

Seventy fun-sized portions of biology, chemistry, physics and earth sciences relevant to the primary science curriculum are accurately served in short bursts of verse. These engaging analogies and entertaining rhymes provide an easy way to absorb some scintillating science by thoughtfully connecting with our curiosity.

Hibiscus in a Hurry is rudely impatient. Don’t Eat Concrete has us falling over ourselves. Do Dolphins Kiss? is rather a nosey question. However, you’re always welcome on a Chocolate Box Planet.

“We have been delighted to use Celia’s structured rhymes as a science resource for pre-service teachers since 2010. They provide an intuitive approach to key concepts within the primary science curriculum” Associate Professor Hilary Whitehouse, James Cook University.

Double Helix magazine has been publishing Celia’s work for many years now. Her poems are a different way for young children to enjoy science stories. They bring science to life with imaginative language and a sense of play.” Jasmine Fellows, Editor, Double Helix magazine, CSIRO Publishing.

Available through Jabiru Publishing, Harley’s Educational and Collins Booksellers, Smithfield

Science Rhymes Website:


Cake Claire and Terry Lingale

Meet Angel and Michael, a couple in their thirties who have been dating happily for a year. But now Angel’s sexual curiosity will draw them into a buzzing underground swing scene that will welcome them both with open arms.
So where is the line drawn between freedom and fidelity? Is it possible to have your cake…and eat it too?

This novel began as social research into Swinger culture and their use of social media. Authors, husband and wife team, Claire and Terry Lingale discovered that what they assumed about swinger culture was far from the truth. Out of this research Cake was written about the initiation of one couple into the swinger scene in Cairns as it was in a pre-media savvy world.

Packed with love and laughter, this romantic comedy takes you on a journey through one couple’s sexual bucket list – through the highs, the lows and the challenges. Brace yourself – all will be revealed and some of it will surprise you.

Available on Amazon Kindle store – search under “Cake Lingale” or through the authors’ website:

A New book from Lenka Wagner

Tommy and Friends to the Rescue

When strange creatures turn up at the meadow, Tommy watches as his world is transformed from a peaceful forest he loves to an ugly place full of hidden danger. Can Tommy and his friends come to the rescue and make the forest a safe place again?

The story tells of Tommy’s first encounter with humans as he witnesses their careless behaviour when they visit the countryside. It gently explores the danger littering has on our natural environment and its inhabitants. It also shows that even though you may be small and insignificant you can accomplish great things.

Tommy and Friends to the Rescue is the second book in the Tommy series.

This book is suitable for children aged 4 to 7.

For further details, visit

Available from Jabiru Publishing at www.jabirupublishing/bookstore and Collins Booksellers, Smithfield.

Anthology Launch

What a fabulous day!
Anthology Launch and Christmas Party.
Our thanks to all the readers and to the RSL for offering us their room and making such mouth-watering food.
Books are still available
at $20 a copy.
We sold over 100 copies, so stocks are limited!
The Anthology
Photo’s C/O Celia Berrell

Great attendance for Book Launch

What a wonderful attendance for our local author and member, Dave Hodges and his historical fiction book about the 1921 Mt. Mulligan Mining disaster ‘Little Miss Muffet’

It was so good to see so many members attending his launch.

To view Dave’s presentation Click Here

A new book from Dave Hodges

miriam walking through broken glass dave hodges

Another powerful story from the pen of D.S. Hodges.

This riveting tale follows the story of an English Jewess in Germany in the last century. She is held in Holzminden Internment Camp during the first world war, and on release, returns to married life in Munich. At the hands of the Nazis, Miriam witnesses the disintegration of her family and of her life. It changes her; it hardens her, it warps her. It drives her to actions that were unthinkable a few short years earlier. It opens up a dark side, a blackness she never dreamt existed.

Although not part of the Blaise Hall Series, Miriam later joins its team along with her daughter, Ruth. This book acts as a prelude. A study into what made her became her later self…

Irene McInerney: Down by the Sandy Gardens


Down by the Sandy Gardens

When Irish Eyes Aren’t Smiling

Born and raised in the countryside of Kilmaley, amongst the hills of County Clare in the west of Ireland, Irene apparently lives an idyllic life. Yet, unseen by the outside world, her life, and that of her siblings, is forever marred by the whims of an irrational mother who, in an arranged marriage, married not for love but for fortune. This forges a strong bond between Irene, her two brothers and sister, which sustains them through the difficult times.

Reaching puberty at an early age—before the end of primary school—Irene struggles through a brief stint at boarding school. Then, at the age of fourteen, she falls in love with a man more than twice her age. This leads to a parish scandal and, years later, to a secret romance that is thwarted by a jealous friend.

Introduced to the corporate world when she is employed as a secretary, Irene moves to the city. She seeks love, though nothing lives up to her past experience. She continues to struggle to meet her mother’s expectations. She endures a troubled life, discovering what love really means when she is reunited with her original sweetheart. Unfortunately, this reunion is short lived. Her involvement with another man leads her to a dark place, and she has to make some difficult decisions. Her dark and troubled relationship careers into a hellish nightmare that changes her life forever.

An ancient land beckons.

New CEO for QWC

New QWC CEO Announced
The Management Committee of Queensland Writers Centre is excited to announce the appointment of Lori-Jay Ellis as Chief Executive Officer.Lori-Jay brings to the role a personal passion for the written word, along with a firm belief in nurturing, mentoring and developing creative talent, and proven leadership success in both the arts and corporate sector.

QWC Chair Leanne Dodd said an extensive national search had been conducted to identify the right candidate to lead the organisation through what is expected to be a growth phase, and to deliver a sustainable future for QWC and its members.

“Lori-Jay has a demonstrated track record of delivering sustainable financial performance and strong brand awareness,” Dodd said. “We are delighted to have the benefit of her varied experience in arts, government and corporate environments both here and internationally, and are confident that her strong values and experience will assist us to engage with our expanding markets and ensure QWC’s continued success in serving the needs of writers now and into the future.”

Born in Bundaberg, Lori-Jay has a Bachelor of Arts from Brisbane’s Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and is an active member of the Australian Society of Authors, Romance Writers of Australia, Romance Writers of New Zealand (and of course QWC!). As a published speculative fiction writer, Lori-Jay has a solid understanding of international digital platforms and new writing models.

Lori-Jay commenced her career as an entrepreneurial film producer and writer in Brisbane. Following a role as CEO of a community arts studio in Sydney, she took on the challenge of managing a New York art gallery, before moving into a range of executive corporate roles, including work with the Dairy Farmers co-operative and SocialAble Ltd, an Auckland-based social media agency with a focus on creative contribution for non-profit clients. She has recently made a permanent return to Brisbane.

From winning first prize at the Bundaberg Art Show at age ten through to her present focus on storytelling and speculative fiction, Lori-Jay says her world has always revolved around the creative process: “I look forward to using my professional and creative experience in meaningful ways to engender a substantial contribution and a lasting, desired impact on Queensland’s writing ecology.”

Lori-Jay replaces outgoing CEO, Katie Woods, who leaves the organisation well-positioned for the future after the recent success of the award-winning 8 Word Story billboard campaign.

“The Management Committee would like to gratefully thank Katie for her time at the helm of QWC and wish her all the best for the future.” Dodd said.

Lori-Jay will commence as CEO from 16 April 2018.

Our Retreat

Tropical Writers Retreat Slides
 Saga Land author :

Dr Kári Gíslason


The gang Actively engaged in enjoying themselves.



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