1st The End of the Line

The End of the Line [Poetry]

A train wreck on the inside
I need to slow it down
They see the smiling outside
And watch me as I drown

Racing through the cities
Years blur into a frown
No chance to stop and live them
I roll on through each town

My pain gains fatter layers
I just can’t get away
The silence of my struggles
The nightmares of my day

Let’s forward to the good part
When life starts being fun
And I’m no longer feeling
My world has come undone

I clatter through the daytime
Have broken sleep at night
Yet still my train continues
I ride it out of sight

And through my grief-strewn vision
There’s just no point I see
I shouldn’t even be here
Without you, there’s no me

Still onwards I keep going
So not to cause folk pain
My loved ones smiling wildly
I cling on to the train

One day it won’t be needed
I’ll get to you on time
Until that day arrives though
I’ll shout ‘I’m doing fine’

So nobody will realise
As on the train they board
The person on the outside
Is nothing but a fraud

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