3rd Pay Attention

The first rays of glorious light

Fractured the clouds of the shy dawn sky

Cranes took flight to capture the vista

The moon bowed out to its heavenly sister

The earth breathed a proud, drawn sigh.


Azure swathes of expansive wonder

Dispersed the dawns hues and set them a sunder

A new day beckoned

On all that is reckoned

Breathing fresh life to sights near and yonder.


A new day to witness but who on earths watching?

Play with the litmus, and away with the washing

When yesterday was similar

And all looks familiar

Wonder is lost with all the hop-scotching.


I paid attention, I took notes

My poetic affliction came up with quotes

Tickled by thoughts, and words in the bin

Privy to the worlds glory, devoid of all sin.



Birds awoke and embarked on their song

Nightingale harked and joined in the throng

Sweet melody, freshly infusing the air

Dowsing the lands and witness to bear.


A thousand leaves joined in the verse

Moved by the breeze in which they’re immersed

Tingled by joy at this whispering pitch

With coy pen in hand, my fingers did itch.


A new symphony of old, but who on earths hears?

That marvelous timpani, falling on deaf ears

With yesterday’s scarring

From a world that seems jarring

Muted by routine and the sum of your fears.


I paid attention, I took notes

I fashioned a poem from the place where joy floats

Adrift on a sea of words, thick and thin

Cast off with gifts stowed, and safe to begin.


Scented with magic, to kick off the day

Dolce vita infused with the sun’s perfect ray

Smell the coffee that’s brewing

Do you know what you’re doing?

Let life pass you by and be on your way.


Chemically masked, you open your door

Step out to the same day and sneeze once more

You can’t smell the roses or any small flower

The spell up your noses, turns sour by the hour

Blocked by deceit and tasked to the chore.


A new aroma wafts, but who on earth is inhaling?

Stuck in a coma, you think it’s plain sailing

It’s an olfactory commotion

As you swim in life’s ocean

A prayer in a bottle and flung for the mailing


I paid attention, I took notes

I watched and I listened, I wore many coats

I breathed in deeply and discarded the surplus

Exhaling meekly, I discovered life’s purpose.

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