3rd The Shape of My Heart 

The Shape of My Heart 

Together we have been for so long,

I know not where my heart ends or hers begins.

My love for her eternal,

But I know not the words to express.


My hands were meant only to fix, erect, and build,

Not speak the depths of my heart.

Yet I know my heart is eternally full to be,

How do I tell her that my love forever will also be?


As one we are, she is I and me is she,

I know not our beginning nor our end.

Yet she is no more,

I only hope that she still sees me from wherever she now be.


Each moment was a treasure,

But those moments have now passed.

Much left unsaid,

Oh, my pain, my grief, my gratitude – the shape of my heart.


I know her heart goes forever on,

But I am not now by her side.

I can only swath her in silk and ermine in the colour she so prized,

Then place her gently in repose – this casket I made with my own hands.


She is okay, she will still be mine,

Wrapped in His hands of the divine.

But for now, I can only close the lid to whisper,

Good-bye my love, I will see you in short time.


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