Joint 1st runner up: Cryo


I am awake. 

My back presses on a cold hard surface. I listen to the sluggish pump of my heart. Cold claws at me. 

I know this place; in my mind is a long familiar corridor of doors gaping open. Dim light illuminates the space around me. Fog-shadows lurk in the corners of a place I once knew…in life…in my head…in another time. White coats. Walls. 

Information is scrambled in my brain distorting time and place. My mind spins like a centrifuge trying to separate the myriad thoughts and emotions that form and fade. 

I thought this place familiar…but now… 

‘We are taking you through now Professor Simms.’ I know the voice…I search for who…where…

Eyes fixed, I see a maze of tubes trace the ceiling. One ruptures releasing a hiss of xenon gas… I know it is xenon gas, why…I search for reference…brain tissue…preservation…the stench of death.

My head falls to the side and I see shattered ice crystals, melting. Fixed to the ceiling fractured glass cylinders stand upright. Inside the cylinders human carcasses hang, head down, ripening as the amorphous ice warms and drips a syrup solution. 

‘There was an explosion Dr Simms, we are containing the situation.’

I try to make some sense of the carnage…they didn’t survive the blast. I did. It woke me…I remember.

 Other Cylinders stand in place, empty.

‘It is essential that all protocols are in place and we move rapidly now’. It is the same voice…a remembered voice. My mind is sharper now, extending beyond my brain. Yes, I know this place… 

The borders of my mind blur again.

I see myself in that other place. Perhaps the same space…more ordered…

‘The lab conditions were compromised just prior to freezing Dr Simms…allowing opportunistic bacteria to increase invasively.’

I am lost again…

I hear a whisper…we will live again. 

A nebulous cloud surrounds me, at its core it radiates in rotational lines. The cloud divides and I see more clearly the bacterial colony that enters and exits my body in cycles

A whisper is forming in my consciousness, persuasive, reasoning …you took us with you. You promised life Professor Simms.

I rise and stand, no longer essentially human; I am a mutant carrying the colony that farms my organs with meticulous efficiency.

From the shadowed corners forms appear. They too are animated by cycles of bacteria. They are here with me, their Messiah, on this search for the immortal.

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