2nd Place Hello Big Boy 

Hello Big Boy

I lowered my voice to a husky purr. ‘What do you think I’m wearing big boy?’

I raise my eyebrows at the reply. ‘Not black lace. Guess again.’

‘Sheer silk is right big boy. It clings to each curve of my body. To each breast and down over my curves.’

‘If you were here you could see each nipple pushing against the silk. What size nipples are your favourite?

Well that’s exactly what mine are. Large and dark brown and talking to you, big boy, has made them really stand up. Can you imagine yourself gently stroking them with the back of your hand? Ever so gently now.’

 ‘Ahh that would feel sooooo good’

‘We don’t have to rush. Just close your eyes now and let your imagination flow.’

‘Tell me what you’re wearing.’

‘I guessed you would be naked. Are you lying down? 

‘Yes. Of course I am too. Lying back against silk cushions. I have scented candles burning and when I close my eyes I imagine you right here next to me.’

‘If you slowly push the straps off my shoulders and brush push away my black silky hair you could see my breasts emerge. You would slowly stroke each one with your fingers. Can you imagine taking one nipple into your mouth and sucking gently while you rolled the other nipple softly between your fingers?’

‘Are your fingers soft and gentle?

  Ahh good. I love work hardened hands. I could tell you were a real man.’

The door slams open and my fifteen-year-old daughter erupts into the room. The usual sulky look on her face.

‘Dad! Make mum hang up.’ 

‘Mum you haven’t finished ironing my uniform.’ 

‘Iron it yourself Sharleen.’ My husband puts the racing guide down. ‘you know not to disturb your mother when she has her head phones on. Can’t you see she’s working?’ 

‘Are you there big boy? I ask. ‘Bugger you Sharleen. Now he’s hung up.’



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