The night the Maroons went up …

The night the Maroons went up … And my first thought was ‘Grace Darling’! Her image and dramatic rescues at sea clouded my thinking. I

The Party (A Remarkable Event)

The Party. “Bluey, are you two interested in coming to a party Saturday night?” Davo contacted his mate for such an occasion, “Rosy got invited

A Remarkable Event – Article

Article suitable for e.g. That’s Life magazine A remarkable score I could lie. I could pretend it happened to a friend. But you probably wouldn’t

The Eclipse (A Remarkable Event)

ECLIPSE Blood moon Red Moon Portents and Omens Wolf moon – close your eyes and hear them howl Primal and mystical The fourth tetrad of

A Small Place by the sea (A Remarkable Event)

Brambles covered the old pavement. It didn’t stop him, just made progress slower and though tired he was determined to see it through. It was

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