The Bentley

The Bentley (Bring Up the Bodies) Sitting astride my Honda, I waited dreamily for the traffic lights to turn green. Two a.m., stars twinkled, the


12. It is a normal day in Canberra with all the leading politicians in attendance. Parliament is sitting and the heavies are going head to

*Bring Up The Bodies

800 Words. Due date: June 23, 2018 Topic: “Bring Up The Bodies” Title: Dead Reckoning DEAD RECKONING Upward. Upward. Out of the ground. Upward toward

*A Long way from Home

It began close to home when Daisy discovered the mushroom. She spied it on a tree root in the parkland forest bordering the river “Papa,

A long way from Home AMPOL

AMPOL Gordonvale, Far North Queensland, July 1984 SO this old school bus painted in psychedelic rainbow stripes pulls up at the diesel pump out front

A Long way from Home AIGA 

AIGA    Meli sat cross legged on the woven grass mat, staring at her feet in angry silence as William grabbed a handful of his precious books and stormed from

*White Fang – Snowdrift

Snowdrift It was dark when he came to. He felt around him. He was in his car. A lump on his forehead told him he

*April Saturday

April Saturday ‘People who don’t have children, they just don’t know. They think they know. They have no idea!’ The British comedian, Michael McIntyre performs

Need Another Saga America Saga Land

Need Another Saga America ‘What’s going on here? Someone declared war?’ ‘Daddy, Tasmin says there’s no real heroes like Superman who can fly. An’… an’…

*Too Close to Home Saga Land

Too Close to Home ‘It was a real saga’ mum said. ‘Everyone had an opinion but only the few people involved really knew what happened

A Study in Scarlet

A Study in Scarlet Attention! Attention! Attention! Dead and still demanding attention. Even after falling from such a high balcony you still manage to be

* A IS FOR ADULTERY (A Study in Scarlet)

A IS FOR ADULTERY I was really caught up in the story. Usually I just skimmed over the school English text but this old story

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