Pete Barker

Pete Barker left school at 16 due to a mutual lack of interest. He found much more exciting things to do working in car factories, mines, power stations and other noisy, greasy places full of giant machines. He went on to travel across Asia, Europe and Africa for several years before studying for a degree in English Literature in the United States. Luckily - or not - he took a second major in Journalism which led to working as a reporter, photographer and editor at magazines and newspapers in the U.S., Hong Kong and Australia. These days he avoids work by pretending to be a freelance journalist while trying to write two books at once (it’s a Gemini thing) and tinkering with noisy, greasy old motorbikes.

Breathing in. Breathing out. Just letting go.

March 31, 2019

Theme: “In the Thick of It” Title: The Sitter Breathing in. Breathing out. Just letting go. Kurt’s life was simple up here on the hill. He lived in a simple bivouac. A raised floor woven […]

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November 27, 2018

CAT’S TALE Curiosity didn’t kill Cat Ballinger.  A single round from a .357 calibre Smith & Wesson revolver did that. But Cat’s insatiable curiosity did put her in the line of fire.   Catherine Anne […]

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“I don’t want to go to The Crossing.”

October 1, 2018

“I don’t want to go to The Crossing.” Rebekah pouted at her father. It was Friday. What used to be called Spring. Time for crops to poke through the ground, although sickly since The Flash. […]

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*Bring Up The Bodies

July 8, 2018

800 Words. Due date: June 23, 2018 Topic: “Bring Up The Bodies” Title: Dead Reckoning DEAD RECKONING Upward. Upward. Out of the ground. Upward toward a dark sky you lurch. It’s not like in a […]

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A long way from Home AMPOL

May 30, 2018

AMPOL Gordonvale, Far North Queensland, July 1984 SO this old school bus painted in psychedelic rainbow stripes pulls up at the diesel pump out front of the servo. “Rainforest Warriors” is daubed across a peace […]

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*White Fang – Snowdrift

April 29, 2018

Snowdrift It was dark when he came to. He felt around him. He was in his car. A lump on his forehead told him he must have hit the windshield. Twin white fangs of pain […]

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*Big Little Lies

October 21, 2017

Cairns Leagues Club parking lot. Three A.M. He stood face pressed against the side of the van, hands cuffed behind his back.  The female cop was patting him down. She was about 25, cute with […]

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