Pete Barker

Pete Barker left school at 16 due to a mutual lack of interest. He found much more exciting things to do working in car factories, mines, power stations and other noisy, greasy places full of giant machines. He went on to travel across Asia, Europe and Africa for several years before studying for a degree in English Literature in the United States. Luckily - or not - he took a second major in Journalism which led to working as a reporter, photographer and editor at magazines and newspapers in the U.S., Hong Kong and Australia. These days he avoids work by pretending to be a freelance journalist while trying to write two books at once (it’s a Gemini thing) and tinkering with noisy, greasy old motorbikes.

The Sitter

Breathing in. Breathing out. Just letting go. Kurt’s life was simple up here on the hill. He lived in a simple bivouac. A raised floor woven from palm fronds kept him above the rainforest floor where snakes and leeches slithered. A tarp strung above and covered with fronds kept out the tropical rain and sun. …

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CAT’S TALE Curiosity didn’t kill Cat Ballinger.  A single round from a .357 calibre Smith & Wesson revolver did that. But Cat’s insatiable curiosity did put her in the line of fire.   Catherine Anne Ballinger came out of the womb demanding to know, What’s going on here? And Why?  So her mother always claimed. …

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