Des O'Neill

My birth was number four, Was older brothers clothes I wore. Home was Doveton, a tough Melbourne town, where working dads had sweated frown. There the table we sat to dine, Children numbers swelled to nine. Fancy stories of each day, The ones of gloss held the sway.. Like grape matures with the age, So too did my words spill the page. Friends liked the rhyming note, Beseeched more of what I wrote. Splendid now is the smile, Words from me and my style. ******************************** As you may notice, I like to express myself through words. I have used writing as an antidote for times of anger, fear and love. I do not worry about publishing or publicity, I just like writing and sharing to the best of my ability, plus the learning I receive along the way. The many friends gained through writing and shared ideas are nothing but beneficial.


Dorb. We don’t see much of Old Herb and his missus; Myrtle. They wander into town from their home, somewhere out in the sticks, for “essential supplies, the stuff we can’t grow,” as they say. Herbs arrival at the bar of Ravenshoe pub one Saturday afternoon took us locals surprise. His place at the bar …

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The arrival when time is still, A setting sun as evening swill. Shadows cast from early day, Stranded there on baking clay. Silence gurgle of sewer drain, Pan flute breeze sweeps a plain. *** Escape clang and bang of man’s sound, The boom and doom of hostile pound. Clash and bash the city street, Haste …

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12. It is a normal day in Canberra with all the leading politicians in attendance. Parliament is sitting and the heavies are going head to head berating each other over trivials, leaders of each party resorting to gutter snipe insults in a bid to dominate the other. Turnball and Shorten argue about figures, treasurer Scott …

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Walk to Work.

It was not so much the basking sun he felt, as he stood there with his Stop/Go sign. It was the impatient glare of drivers, needling his mind, that radiated the heat within him, as he dared to pause their journey on this section of tourist road. A section that had to be repaired fast, …

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