Jan Lahney

*April Saturday

April Saturday ‘People who don’t have children, they just don’t know. They think they know. They have no idea!’ The British comedian, Michael McIntyre performs at The Gentle Way Hospice for the terminally ill. The in-house channel broadcasts humour twenty-four hours a day to cheer patients, visitors and staff. From the hospice bed, ‘Have no …

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A Study in Scarlet

A Study in Scarlet Attention! Attention! Attention! Dead and still demanding attention. Even after falling from such a high balcony you still manage to be arranged as though you are lounging seductively across a lover’s bed. Seduction with arrogance, you always defied your victims not to desire you. Kept them keen, didn’t it? Nygai Munundi, …

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Man or Mouse?

‘What are you a man or a mouse?’ ‘Squeeeeaaak!’ ‘Not funny. We need more money!’ ‘We need to live within our means.’ ‘What’s that smart-arse comment supposed to mean?’ ‘Well Hon, we do spend a lot of money on things that are not necessary.’ ‘So you are blaming me?’ ‘No. I am just saying we, …

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