Phil Dowsett

All Aboard the India Express

TWG Theme: Arrival (A Backpackers Travel Article.) My Title: All Aboard the India Express. To arrive you first must depart. That seems logical? A simple case of cause and effect. But in India where anything can happen, departing and arriving have their own peculiar challenges, especially when catching cross-country trains. For young backpackers on a …

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The Seven Gadflies of Socrates

A Poem TWG Theme: Protest My Title: The Seven Gadflies of Socrates. ___________________________________________________________________________ Webmasters note. For the full experiance of this poem, please follow the link and read in PDF A Poem-Protest Protest. Modest. Slammed dinner plates on kitchen table. Protest. Ugliest. Joined with thousands, attack the umpire. Protest. Angriest. Murdabad, dangled effigy at rope’s end. …

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Sandwich Américain

The main temple bell at the entrance to the inner sanctum rang in a disorganised syncopated fashion, from the hands of worshippers that reached out to clang the knocker. In the small vestibule, the resonant tintinnabulation provided me with the mental distraction to the endless chant of the Brahmin priest. I had invited my Australian …

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