Big Little Lies

He said:

Truth is beautiful.

To which she replied:

But the truth is relative. Your truth may not correspond

to mine.

Lies can be beautiful, too, can’t they?

Like fiction, lies can be more satisfying than real life! So why do you think the truth is beautiful?

He pondered for a moment,

Truth is reliable; lies are shifty, never constant and lead to deception and mistrust.

Trust is the operative word. We used to trust in God. Then we affirmed our trust in Science. Both concepts have disappointed many.

Of course, they are concepts and as such are made up by human minds as means to control and dominate the Earth and all its creatures.

She agreed adding

The problem is that when you try to grasp a fish so that you can hold it and keep it you will have to crush it or it will slip away. By trying to control nature we have achieved much desolation. An unprecedented number of species, both plant, and animal have been erased from this planet.

Most of them since the onset of the use of fossil fuels and explosives.

He had hit the nail on the head!

That is the truth and it is not beautiful!

You are right. Please, tell me sweet little lies, that everything will be alright, that we can have our cake and eat it, too. That mankind can be freed from the need to work….

We are working on that one. Robots are already replacing most factory jobs and are entering age-care facilities.

Oh, I’ve had enough of your pessimism! Stop staring at the computer screen and come for a walk with me!

Together they headed out into the evening to catch the last light on the ocean and watch the birds and Flying Foxes homing towards their roosting trees. Breathing the cooler night air and walking they fell silent and listened to the sounds of the birds shrieking, the high pitched cries of the Flying Foxes, the hum of motors and tyres, the wind in the trees and the sounds of other people talking and walking.

Suddenly she blurted out:

You know, I got a phone call from the Conservation Society tonight, about the proposed coal mine by Indian firm Adani!

That is one hell of a racket! Our government – we – will pay them to dig up our coal deposits and destroy perfectly good farmland in the process!

And that is the truth, but what did this guy want? He wanted my money to lobby against Adani. I said I’d be happy to wave a banner if he organized a demonstration! These donations over the phone, who knows where the money ends up?

True, we heard about the scams by people in animal suits asking for donations to the Wilderness Society….Just to line people’s pockets. It all stays in the cities and in private hands!

They were walking along the esplanade. Mudflats sat against the shore. At the port in the distance, buildings and ships were well lit. A helicopter was landing amid a swirl of air and loud noise.

– That would have been a sunset flight over the Reef returning.

He said and

– How many tourists would we have here without fossil fuel?

– Not many, the Reef would be as pristine as David Attenborough had seen it fifty years ago. Now there is hardly any coral left!

Ah, it’s just a bit of bleaching! It will grow back!

Sure, if we all move away from here and stop the mining and the ship traffic and farming with fertilizers!

– That is not going to happen soon! In the meantime, speak the truth, refute the lies and plant as many trees as you can.

Why trees?

Because they make life possible, holding the soil together, pumping up water, creating clouds and rain, transforming carbon dioxide into oxygen, giving nourishment and shelter to many species of living beings.

And all that without ever asking why!

They had turned back by now. Many people were promenading on the Esplanade, some were running. Fitness stations along the walk invited people to stretch themselves. A young man in green shorts and yellow singlet was coming towards them. She noticed how his face lit up when he saw them. Wondering who it was she was surprised that no acknowledgment was made when they were passing each other.


  1. Norbert says:

    November 9th, 2017 at 6:48 pm

    I like this story. Well done!

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