Debra Gavranich

Debra Gavranich grew up on a sugarcane farm near Mossman in Far North Queensland and after travelling extensively returned to Cairns where she lives with her husband and family and works as a physiotherapist.

The Girl Who Left is her first book. It is based on her mother’s life. Her mother was from former Yugoslavia and lived in an occupied village during World War Two. As a teenager she agreed to a proxy marriage to a farmer in Far North Queensland. The book was published by Wild Dingo Press in August 2021 and has sold thousands.

Debra has had many radio interviews including ABC Conversations with Sarah Kanowski and ABC Nightlife with Indira Naidoo – Radio Australia, Coversations | Radio Programs, Nightlife – as well as many launches both in Australian and overseas.

Debra is overwhelmed by the success of this story and feels it is a quintessential Australian immigration story, showcasing our diverse cultural heritage and what it means to be Australian.

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