Jeanette McInnes

Writing under the name of JL McInnes, Jeanette McInnes grew up in Europe and lived in Asia for several years before migrating with her then husband to Australia. She has pursued a range of careers including: Interpreter-Translator, Nurse, RAAF Chinese Linguist, secondary school teacher of modern languages, tug pilot, aerobatic joy flight pilot, ultra-light flying instructor, scuba diving instructor, Customs Officer, etc.

In retirement, Jeanette has published Midnight at 6AM, volumes one, two and three, Staying Afloat, and The Harder They Fall, available as e-books and in paperback on Amazon. Her varied careers, the many countries in which she’s spent time, and the ambiance of Tropical North Queensland, where she’s lived for over 20 years, have provided interesting backdrops to Jeanette’s tales, which might be described as: suspense, humour, drama, travel and romance. She is currently working on her sixth book.

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