Stephen Chong

Stephen Chong M.Ed. is an author, speaker and screenwriter who draws his inspiration from life. Themes of life that relate to us all – love, grief, struggle, overcoming obstacles. Culminating in his five inspirational novels, four feature-film screenplays and multiple short-stories, he has converted these ‘life themes’ into stories that we can all relate to. Stories that resonate in the soul. Stories that identify us as unique and wonderful human beings. Stephen’s wise observations of modern work and personal life will give insight how to realise your highest potential through a rich and fulfilling life.

Stephen’s books include: Bodies of Consequence (2019), Power and the Possible (2015), Letters Across Time (2013), The Music of the Soul (2011), The Book of Testaments (2009), plus The Afterlife, A Journey To, released in mid-2022.

Feature film screenplays: A Meaningful Life, Mean Paradise, The Pivot Point, Bodies of Consequence.

Visit his website (link below) or Facebook page or LinkedIn, for more information.

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