Day: November 27, 2018

I want to break free

“Craaaack!” Salty burst through his shell. “Hah I’m first out!” he squealed.  The rascally reptile twitched his tail and shook himself free of the mud and leaves. “Umph umph umph,” squawked his siblings as they wiggled and struggled out of their egg cases.   He watched as they toppled down the tangled nest. “What’s happening?” asked …

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CAT’S TALE Curiosity didn’t kill Cat Ballinger.  A single round from a .357 calibre Smith & Wesson revolver did that. But Cat’s insatiable curiosity did put her in the line of fire.   Catherine Anne Ballinger came out of the womb demanding to know, What’s going on here? And Why?  So her mother always claimed. …

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